So let’s talk about the trending issues, outside American Presidential election.
Black Lives…
I’ve heard a lot of arguments as to the rationales people have behind their stance for black lives. I’ve seen memes, either trying to make mockery of the activism or trying to support it so bad that it hurts.
What’s shocking is that things (by things I mean the actions of people) contradict themselves in ways we don’t even realize. It’s quite impossible to apprehend.
I’d love to begin first with Nigerians (I’m Nigerian so, nothing spoil). I must confess I have found myself guilty of this. Most of the time, we hear that there has been a bombing in the North, or the Avengers have blown up someone’s village in the South, or some little kid has been killed somewhere in the West, we tend to shove it aside because, what the hell, there are over 120 million in Nigeria, a hundred of them dead won’t hurt our ever retrogressive population. Moreover, the lesser the better, right? But then when we hear of bombings in France and shootings in America we shiver because, nothing. We have gotten used to the tenderness of people outside Africa, that we begin to feel sorry for people we’d probably never know if we were given thousand years on earth. I’m not against the sympathy that we front, all I’m saying is we should front similar sympathy when it comes to our own people. I came up with a logical reason, though. To my mind, I just think we’ve elevated them to a position because of the extent of their development that we see their actions as strange and queer and delinquent. Adversely, we’ve reduced ourselves to the impossibility of development and right thinking that when it is done in our country, it becomes normal. Violent conflict has become an inevitability that we’d rather die than stop. Development is not even an option, because our ‘ancestors’ did it, we will do it. 
Secondly, I must warn that racism is not different from xenophobia. It’s just that one deals with two opposing colors while the other is a color at war with it self. I heard Donald Trumps daughter claim that her father is color blind as to the racism in America and not just him, many others have claimed to be color blind when in respect to race. But I beg to differ. Actually, ones acceptance of a particular race should come with awareness of that race. In my opinion, being color blind is just a way of ignoring the giant blue whale lying helpless on your front porch. (I don’t see any reason why a whale would be at my front porch though) It is there making you uncomfortable, but you try to ignore it thinking it’ll go away, because you are unaware that it needs your help to move. Same thing is with racism, you see people that make you uncomfortable, instead of understanding them you shoot them or kill them or even castigate them and make them feel worthless. But they still won’t leave, because like you, they need help one way or another.
I don’t know the way forward myself, but it would be good to start from some. In the very little way you can, good thing is that there’s always light at the end of every tunnel

From The Saloonist’s Mind


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