I am…

I am captivating and fierce, loud and calm. I make haste in a hurry, I put final the beginning. I want the best but rest with less. However it happens I don’t recall. It makes me hopeless, with hope I had not. Where I stand I see a headless crowd governed by animals of greatest forest, making empty claims and vicious threat of blood shed. The only path I see is one that goes in round circles of recurring failure. I am large but small. In my sense of livelihood I see only a mustard seed being eating by hideous termites, that continuously grows from the remains of its existence. I claim to be indivisible but I war with myself over issues relating the heart. A heart that is unsure of its desires. My name is the bone, the skin and the blood all at once. I wish to break free but a dome of wishful thinking envelopes me in my own head. There’s nothing that can be done. There’s something that can be done. A higher force is needed to liberate me. I am Nigeria. I am by myself my own creator and my own destroyer.


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