The day before valentines…

… That’s when she told me she was back with her ex. I was devastated. Well devastated may sound over dramatic for a guy like me, bordered on the fact that I was usually the one who turned girls down. I never expected it. First it hurt my pride to make her aware of my feelings. Second I was confident she was as attracted to me as I was to her. We were this close to becoming the it couple for the semester, but life stepped in.

My name is Eric Brown and I’m in love with Bella Okpara. For no reason, I always pictured my Mrs. Brown to be an overly sophisticated woman that smelled like roses and had all the asserts that every guy would swoon over. Her hair would be silk and long, her face fair and bright and her shape, curved and edged. Silly right? I watched to many movies as a growing child so I had my criteria lined up for me. Bella, however, did not meet the criteria even to half. Slim, slender, sleek was the best way to describe her figure. No curves whatsoever, her edges were bone cut, she did her hair whatever way suited her, she talked rubbish all the time, I’d only realise I was with a girl when she was away. Yes, yes, that’s the effect she had on me. Felt completely safe around her, I didn’t mind mixing my words around her. No girl has ever had this effect on me my whole life. It was a miraculous feeling. I had already fallen in love, even before I could say yes.

Unfortunately, my effect on her was not strong enough. She didn’t feel the same way about me. “I wish he’d treat me the same way you do, Eric” were her exact words to me. But I keep wondering, why date him when he doesn’t treat you right? Why not let go of the good and get the better? Life with its twists and turns, right? I had to accept fate as it was served to me.

Well, tables turned on me. I had to accept defeat as there was nothing I could do about it. There was no way I was forcing her to make any decision she wasn’t willing to. So I had to move on. Move on in the sense that I stopped pestering her with my feelings. But my feelings still remain the same for her, she still has the effect on me but I have to keep it hidden so I don’t look like a persistent freak, that I am.So there goes my first and true love story.

Hi readers,
A friend asked to help him share his devastating love story. Hope you like it? From the saloonists mind.

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