Have you once or twice fallen in love with something or someone that its even hard not to think about it or him/her.
I recently came across this couple, so in love. He couldnt take his eyes off her and she couldnt stop being shy of his stares. They had never spoken but, you did not need God to tell you that they were in Love with each other. It reminded me about the way i felt when i got my blackberry phone when it was in vogue. I would put it in my pocket if I had a pocket and if not I would put it in between my boobs. They felt safer there. I loved the phone; the way it looked in my hands, the way it notified me on everything and I knew it loved being in my hands. It always felt comfortable in my hands. There, that was true love, where both parties know and feel the presence of their mutual. Each time I held it I felt happy and so did it (i just knew). The way it buzzed in my hands, oh what sweet memories.
Ok, so back to our couple in context. They always seemed happy to see each other, they did not see the need to speak. Staring was good enough for them. They both knew what they needed to keep their relationship going. Ok so im sure your thinking, if they never spoke, why call them couples? I tell you, what they had was way more than most “married” claim to have. Both coperating to keep the relationship at its peak. Not breaching any of their unspoken protocols. And even when they spoke, had nothing to do with their relationship.
To me, that was the best romance ever. No need to lie, because they never spoke. No need to be fake, they could see right through eachother. No need to explain, because they knew what they felt, and it was inexplicable. No need to prove, it was written all over their faces.
Then i thought to myself, this kind of feeling is very, very, very rare. The kind that makes you wake up by 2am and smile for no explainable reason. The kind that makes you happy from the fact that theres no need for competition; you just know it belongs to you. You just want to work for the futherance of the relationship. The kind that you know that you will do great harm to any one trying to intrude, not because of jealousy, no, because they tyring to come in between something that they cant form.
I just looked at them and knew. I wanted to fall in love that way one day. And when I do, I really dont know what I would do. Really.

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