The need to write

‘ Its better to be careful a thousand times than to be killed once’, a wise man once said. I wish I had read that before heading for the christmas dance tonight. Now here I am sitting on my sofa with a pair of trousers ripped right up butt area.
Dressing up as a dude has never been my thing, but I had to learn. Ashley and I had no dates for the dance so we decided to go together. I was to dress as the guy and she the girl, well that took alot of courage despite the fact that I’m suppposed to be the crazy one. So i jst let it slide.
I had just finished ironing the my new zara trouser suit to peak the perfection. I strolled to my full length mirror to finally put myself into the flawlessly straight pair of trousers, still unsure wether or not to go. I had already both legs into them and was about to start my twerking session to make sure the trousers fit perfectly. Then I heard a quietly loud sound that sent my heart leaping with fear.
Too scared to look, I quickly buttoned up and put on my white polo shirt and then then the suit. Just then, my mum yelled my name from a floor away( i always thought her voice was louder than a mega- phone). I quickly put on my glossy black stilettos and was on my way to the stairs.
There she was looking gorgeously beautiful, brown curls tied up with few escape strands infront and her velvet red gown gave her the Beyoncé kind of  flawless she aimed for. I have always been envious of her mexican descent. I handed her my grand mothers silver pendant that matched her shoes. Her main aim was to make the guys that didnt ask her to the dance jealous. Well, I think that would be a completed mision.
After all the ecstatic compliment from mom, dad and cousin emily, they finally settled down to take the legendary “prom” pictures. They made us hold hands and we stayed like that till we got to the black limousine. It was filled with my friends, just that they had this happy giddy air around them. I felt quite wierd seeing our friends with dates of the opposite sex.
We finally got to the civic centre. Ashley and I where the first to step out. We held hands as we walked the red carpet. I must say i felt pretty important and special. Clicks. Flashes. Screams. It was a wonderful moment, until Ashleys purse fell to the ground. Being the ‘gentle-woman’ I had dressed up to be, I bent over to get it the purse. Thats when it happened. I heard a sound quite familiar to the one I heard infront of my mirror some minutes earlier, just that this one lasted longer than the previous.
Here I am sitting on my sofa, Ashley laughing uncontrolably by the side and my parents trying to depress their impatient giggles. I am pretty sure the guy who came up with the adage ‘ a stitch in time saves nine’ was a tailor.


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